Saturday, October 20, 2012

A letter to LG at 22 months

Well, LG, the last two months have flown by, and here I am writing you another letter. I can hardly believe that this you [and me, obviously], about two years ago:

All sticking your little butt up under the right side of my ribcage

And here we are again, about a year ago:

All learning to crawl and still fitting in sleep 'n plays

And here you are, about two days ago:

All 'room-room in Grandpa's car and about to watch the Tigers sweep the Yankees in the ALCS

I apologize that I don't have any better recent pictures of you uploaded right now--wait, I haven't really taken any pictures of you recently. We have been "go go go," as you would say. Good thing your Nana has been doing complimentary photo shoots for you; maybe I'll update with some of her pictures later. 

You have learned what a baby is, and have started calling your blanket, lovey, and nigh-nigh Scout your "bay-bee"s. Each morning when I come in your room, you hand me each of your babies before you'll let me get you out of your crib. Most nights, you also insist on taking a book to bed with you, and sometimes your firetruck--on the first few nights you insisted on having your firetruck in bed with you, I was actually able to lay you down before you were asleep. And then Daddy put your firetruck facing the wrong way in your crib one night and messed up your feng shui and you haven't gone down by yourself since. Oh well. 

You're now so skilled at going up and down the stairs [on your butt or your knees] that we've actually taken down the gate between the two staircases, and you can go up and down as you please. In the mornings I still sit down on the second stair from the top before you. From behind, you push my back and tell me to "go."

I may have mentioned before that our hideous main bathroom has a bathtub so deep and vast that Mommy and/or Daddy still accompany you during bathtime.

I'll be honest in telling you that generally your father enjoys baths much more than I do, so I'm sure you find Daddy to be a better bath companion than Mommy. Even still, you and I have a new bathtime game that is quite entertaining. Sitting up, I take my legs and move them back and forth, as if I were driving a pedal car, which creates a wave-pool effect in the tub. You then imitate my movements and say "go go go go" whenever I stop. There is much laughter.

We finally took you for your first haircut last month. We went to a walk-in place and the lady just used scissors. You behaved well and she did an okay job, though I think next time (which will likely be tomorrow, since you have school pictures coming up this week) Mommy or Nana will do it. Nana got pictures and I saved some of your hair in a baggie for whenever I get around to making your baby book (which may be when you leave for college). 

Your vocabulary and ability to identify objects has exploded in the past few months; my favorite words to hear you say are baby [see pronunciation above], cookie [coo-ka], and fish [I can't spell this one phonetically or even say it the way you do, but you don't pronounce the f and get stuck on the s's]. Probably your favorite thing to identify and say is "owl," and you often think Cookie Monster is an owl. That and you call pumpkins "boo." You can link two to four words in a sentence; "my ____" is your most frequent phrase, and last week you told your grandparents "I want my wawa."

Some other random things: 
- Your favorite toys are Mega Blocks and puzzles
- You are going to be a lion for Halloween
- You are now (as of last week) staying home with Daddy two days a week and going to daycare three days a week [instead of five].
- You are finally staying in the nursery during service at church.

Okay, Boo, Mom is off to some cleaning the basement before bed. And since are a few pics of me here, I am Embracing the Camera.

Much love,

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