Tuesday, August 11, 2015

These days, these nights

[Annual blog post here]. 2015 has been quite the year thus far. We started out knowing that it would take us from the metro Detroit suburbs to the mid East coast by the halfway mark, but the timing and circumstances were unexpectedly changed. God most definitely orchestrated every detail--everything lined up, and I have a new job, A has a new role, and we have a new home. There is a lot to be done on the property before winter comes, and a lot to be done at my work before annual enrollment sets in [and so much that I would like to be done within these walls for my mind's organizational wellbeing, and my soul's creative satisfaction]. The days can be long here, with fewer friends and neighbors, and greater distances between everything (from the mailbox to the closest place to buy milk). The work is hard here, with little shade where you need it and an unrelenting sun. Learning curves and heavy loads. But at the end of the long, hard day, you ease into bed knowing you've pushed yourself a little further physically and mentally, and will pick up where you left off when the morning light wakes you (or your alarm/four-year-old insists you get moving).

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