Saturday, June 7, 2014

A few more minutes

NT is in the throes of teething right now, and has been chomping and pulling when she eats, so there will be no pumping tonight. However, I can throw a few minutes out for this here blog's sake. Theoretically, I would pick up where I left off last night, but today has made me weary.

This morning my mom and I took the kids to the Farmington farmer's market, and they were also having their [very small] art fair downtown, so we did that for a few hours. We had lunch and each commandeered a cart and a kid at Target so I could pick up some essentials that were on sale (I saved $37 and got a $15 gift card, so I did pretty good and was very thankful for Mom's help). That portion of the day was nice, aside from the time that LG would not go to the bathroom as my mom and I had been telling him to do, and I got to watch him do the potty dance and then pee himself right in front of me while I was nursing NT. I was pretty pissed; he's been potty trained since January, and this was not really an accident, this was just him being defiant.

The rest of the day kind of followed in that vein. LG would not take a nap and made such a ruckus that it woke NT up. He was sassy with me during dinner. Then he dumped a pile of landscaping pebbles on the lawn after I told him not to. Praise Jesus that he didn't put up too much of a fight with bathing, and that my parents stopped by right as NT was about to lose it, so I got to put her to bed right away and Mom did all the bedtime prep work for LG. And he went down okay.

It's a good thing for LG (and all toddlers, I'm sure) that the good half of the things that come out of his mouth outweigh the naughty. Today he asked me to put butt paste on him, had sunscreen applied, and had a sprayer bath, and after each he said "that feels so much better."

As always, there is much to be done around the house that is mentally nagging and pulling at me, but I am in bed (after a very short and refreshing shower). Hopefully a little extra rest will help me cope with whatever tomorrow brings.

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