Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

I know you've all been waiting anxiously since November for a post. Sorry 'bout that. Things have been busy. Good busy, but busy.

So for my first post of 2013, I'll start with a short reflection on 2012. Rather than focus on goals, events, or memories (I have an epic post in the works to cover that stuff), I'm going to share with you something that I always think about in December/January: the best music that's come out in the past year.

One of the topics in the aforementioned upcoming epic post is intention. One small thing I'm intentional about is listening to the radio, and I'm not talking about Pandora radio or a genre/artist radio on Spotify (which is quite obviously my music service of choice). I'm talking about a real radio, with a tuner. I believe listening to the radio exposes a person to  new and old music that they may not otherwise pick up on. And if you're dying to know, my favorite metro Detroit stations are 93.9 "The River," Ann Arbor's 107.1, and 91.9 CBC Radio 2 (yes, I live that close to Canada). If you're not in southeastern Michigan, you can listen to these stations online. And I do love me some "This American Life" on NPR.


My Top 12 Songs of 2012:

1. That Wasn't Me - Brandi Carlile

2. The Shins - Simple Song

3. Live And Die - The Avett Brothers

4. Happy Pills - Norah Jones

5. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

6. I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons

7. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters & Men

8. The Way It Is - The Sheepdogs

9. Devil's Got A Gun - Whitehorse

10. 1957 - Milo Greene

11. The Divide - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

12. All The Rowboats - Regina Spektor

My Top 6 Albums of 2012:

1. Bear Creek - Brandi Carlile

2. Self titled - The Lumineers

3. The Lion The Beast The Beat - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

4. The Carpenter - The Avett Brothers

5. Moving Up Living Down - Eric Hutchinson (love the title of this album)

6. Port of Morrow - The Shins

And honorable mention because their debut album came out in 2011 but is amazing: The Head and The Heart.

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