Saturday, March 9, 2013

'round here

Here are some snapshots from the start of our day, which I would say was a typical Saturday for LG and I. 

He woke up at 5-something in the morning, which is not typical; I can usually count on him to sleep at least until 7 am. Considering he has not been napping at daycare and this night's rest was the foundation for which we'd be building our weekend on, I said uh-uh. I rocked him for a bit and then let him cry his way back to sleep. He woke up for good around 9am, crying for me to come in.

Of course, when I came in, he didn't actually want to get out of his crib. He wanted to hand me all of his babies (his blanket, his lovey, his turtle, his Hess truck, his Scout, his owl, his two favorite books). He wanted to hold on to the rail of his crib and jump on the mattress. He wanted to grab the curtains that go across his closet and wrap himself up in them. He wanted drop back down to the mattress and go nigh-nigh.

I opened the shade and light was gorgeous, so I went downstairs to get my camera. This is the face I returned to, and this set does a pretty good job of showing LG's progression from tantrum to okay in 6 minutes: 



The rest of our day was about the same; beautifully sunny with sprinkles of toddlerhood. Hope you had a great day and the sun was shining wherever you are.


  1. His eyes are g o r g e o u s!!!

    1. Thank you. I take full credit.
      And thank you, dear friend, for being my only friend who leaves comments.


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