Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pure Michigan [400]

Another thing you might not know about me: I [casually] follow NASCAR. Growing up, it was the only televised sport that my dad was into, so [old school, Winston Cup, pre-Chase] NASCAR is a part childhood memories of a "typical" weekend. Dale Earnhardt Sr was my father's favorite driver, and I thought the name Dick Trickle was funny. Since Sr's passing, my dad has not found a replacement as his favorite driver, and (not related, but relevant) my mom has gotten really into the sport.

The company my dad works for sponsors NASCAR, and my dad is able to get free tickets for clients and personal use. So a couple Sundays ago (8/19/12), my dad and mom took me [and my brother and his girlfriend] to my first NASCAR race.

I do not have a favorite driver, so here's some of the drivers I was hoping would win:
1.  Mark Martin (because he's old school)
2.  Carl Edwards (my mom's favorite driver)
3.  Dale Earnhardt Jr (it would be cool for him to win another race this year in Michigan)
4.  Joey Logano (he is the favorite driver of one of my favorite blogger's sons)
5.  Brad Keselowski (some people say he's kind of cocky, but he's from Rochester Hills, so it would have been 
      cool for him to win)

Greg Biffle won. I'm cool with that. 

My thoughts: 
I like NASCAR. Though there's quite a focus on branding/marketing/consumerism, I think it's a pretty fun, wholesome sport. You don't really hear about drivers getting in trouble for violence- or sex- related offenses, as you do in other sports like football and basketball. 

I like the fans. Some are a little, er, crude, but they're sincere. You don't really see people in [slutty, skin-tight] designer clothes and four inch heels, like you might do at a baseball game. You might I did see a lady in mom jean shorts and a checkered string bikini top (to which I said, rock out with yourself, lady). 

And if at first glance you thought I was baring my midriff in public, you'd be wrong. That's a military-inspired bag with toggle closure.
Will I go again? Absolutely. Will I go again if I have to pay for tickets? Maybe. Would I ever camp there? Hell no. I have to tell you that LG was with a babysitter that day from 9:30am to 8:00pm, and while I thought about him all day (how I can't wait to take him to a race in a few years--that boy loves his cars--and the comfort that NASCAR will likely one day be a childhood memory he associates with his maternal grandparents), I really enjoyed a day with adults, and it was actually kind of nice that the race was so loud and I didn't really have to do a lot of talking or listening. Although I did ask my dad if the cars drive from side to side during caution because it's fun, to which he laughed and said they do it get the debris out of their tires.

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